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Manik Blanco is a premium 100% agave tequila produced in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, from mature lowland blue agave. Manik Blanco is tripled-distilled to eliminate impurities and create a crystal clear tequila that delivers pure, crispagave flavor. The nose imparts none of the “chemical” odor of some tequila, only fresh agave. On the palate, you experience 100% agave from the moment it enters your mouth; this is a very smooth tequila, but not to be confused with some of the more commercial tequilas that bring a “watered-down” taste. This is the true essence of tequila: the pure agave flavor, smooth but peppery, with a warm, clean finish.


Manik Añejo is a premium tequila that greets you with a rich, amber color naturally attained while aging in the barrel for 2+ years. Your nose will tell you immediately that the agave has married well with oak, with vanilla overtones. The flavor starts strong with a hint of sweetness, and evolves into a full-bodied, cognac-like experience. There are complex flavors of peppery agave, creamy oak and citrus that join forces to make this a connoisseur’s dream. Sip as you would a fine whiskey or cognac. Great with fresh fruits, like ripe mango, or a good cigar!.


Manik Reposado is a premium tequila that balances the flavors of crisp, clean agave with hints of creamy oak and a sweet finish. The golden color is the natural result of “resting” the tequila in oak barrels for eight months. The nose suggests fresh agave and citrus with a hint of vanilla, and the palate starts with agave and finishes with an essence of sweetness. This 100% agave tequila is perfect to sip, accompanied by a zesty sangrita, or as the cornerstone
for a very special top-shelf margarita.


Manik Black Extra Anejo is a truly special and unique addition to the Manik line of premium 100% agave tequilas. Manik Black is aged a full 5 years in reconditioned oak barrels which were used previously to age fine bourbon. The result is a drinking experience as elegant as the sleek black bottle from which it is poured. Strong influence of barrel aging creates a special tequila which marries the fresh agave flavor with the sweet essence of the bourbon and the creamy vanilla of the oak.
A true luxury spirit!.


Manik Cristal Añejo is the latest addition to the Manik Premium 100% Agave family of tequilas. To create Manik Cristal, our Añejo tequila is filtered to remove the color that is naturally attained through barrel aging, resulting in a tequila that has the complexity of Anejo with the crisp citrus character of a Blanco. Truly the best of both worlds,
Manik Cristal Añejo is perfect alone or in a special cocktail.


Manik raicilla 100% agave 750 ml/6 cs. Manik raicilla offers a floral & smooth flavor , that doesn’t overwhelm with the smokiness of Mezcal . Produced in small batches with wild Agave from Jalisco. SILVER MEDAL WINNER. SAN FRANCISCO INTERNACIONAL SPIRIT COMPETITION. Made with 100% agave organic wild agave.